Best Natural Male Enhancement Pills of 2012

Are you a man faced with a challenge on how to make it good in bed? Do you feel like you’ve lost the oomph that you usually had when you were still at the peak of your youth? Are you troubled by the fact that your partner might just walk out on you? Well, you have to face the truth that this is common in males but that does not mean you should accept it as it is and not do something about it.

Yes, you are not the only person commonly affected by male enhancement or male sexual problems so to speak. There are many of you out there whose problems in bed vary from erection and erectile dysfunction to fertility and even the simple pleasure of having orgasms (both for you and your partner). What can you do about it?

There are many prescription drugs out there that have proven to work for men who have once faced the same battle as you are facing. Well, these prescription drugs though had put their lives into shame knowing that they have to buy it over-the-counter with people thinking, “Oh, he needs Viagra or Cialis! He’s no longer good in bed.” That impression would usually cause so much trouble to your self-esteem and accept it that being egoistic, you will surely want to stay at home and no longer buy whatever is prescribed by your doctor.

Prescription sex drugs have long been accepted by society though. They have been proven to work for erectile and other sexual dysfunctions. However, more and more people crave for the natural solution to these problems. This is the reason why male enhancement products seem to flourish in the market these days.

These male enhancement products, in one way or the other, function for the ultimate benefit of male sexual health. If you want to increase your penis size, you can always look for a product that offers this particular benefit. If you want to boost your sex drive, for sure, there is one you can pick from over-the-counter.

With the legions of products being marketed out there, there is still a trouble to face. You have to accept the fact that not all these products work and some may even pose dangers to your overall health. We, at, came up with some criteria to help you with.

Well, a few of the considerations you should bear in mind are cost, effectiveness, consumer satisfaction, ingredients and their qualities and an existing money-back guarantee. With all these said, we came up with three of the best male enhancement products you can make use of for better sexual performance.

# 1 VigRx Plus ratingRating: 5 / 5

VigRX Plus Ratings
Size Increase Power 95/100
Speed of Results 97/100
Ingredients 100/100
Safety 98/100
Customer’s Support 97/100
Overall 98/100
1 Year Supply $40.83 / bottle
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If you want to achieve the best in male sexual health, then certainly VigRx Plus will be of help. The product promises to provide you with long lasting erections even within the first month of use. You will also notice that your penis will be longer than usual. Take the product for at least another month and you will surely revive the sexual stamina you have lost.

What makes the product so effective? We can take a closer look at the natural ingredients packed in it. It has Biperine, an ingredient that allows better absorption of the supplement into your body. Also, it has Damiana, an aphrodisiac that works well with sexual stamina, better orgasm and increased erections. Additionally, it contains puncture vine, known as a libido enhancer to help with problems with sex. The product is of course popular for its gingko leaf that enhances sexual performance and boosting mental awareness. Red ginseng is also present as an ingredient in VigRX Plus; an herb that prevents enlargement of the prostate.

This clinically trusted and medically approved product is all yours for a cost of $76.99 and includes a No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

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# 2 MaleExtra rating

MaleExtra Ratings
Size Increase Power 90/100
Speed of Results 91/100
Ingredients 90/100
Safety 92/100
Customer’s Support 90/100
Overall 90/100
1 Year Supply $38.24 / bottle
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Longer Erections – this is the fearless promise of a product called MaleExtra. The product is based on careful research that is why even if it is new in the market, it already gained a name for itself. The product promises not only longer erections but also thicker and bigger ones. MaleExtra is packed with quality ingredients like MSM, L-Methionine, Cordyceps, Zinc, Omega-3 and pomegranate.

MaleExtra recommends that you make use of a certain exercise program that will help with male enhancement. You also have to stick to a nutritious diet that is proven to help with male sexual functions. Last but not the least – it is also important that you communicate with your partner to have that oomph back in your sexual encounters. These are all keys if you want to take advantage of the results promised by Male Extra.

It also comes with a 6-month money back guarantee and is priced at $75.95 per one-month supply.

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# 3 Extenze rating

Extenze Ratings
Size Increase Power 85/100
Speed of Results 70/100
Ingredients 75/100
Safety 80/100
Customer’s Support 65/100
Overall 75/100
1 Year Supply $32.41 / bottle
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ExtenZe, on the other hand, promises bigger and more intense erections. Alongside this promise is a bunch of other benefits that you will enjoy in terms of sexual health. You can now have control over your ejaculation and have intense orgasms. Also, you will experience overall improvement in your sex life.

ExtenZe works because of its all natural formula that has been improved to deliver the results you want from a male sexual enhancement product. It contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs that each work for a specific sexual function. Among some of the ingredients in the pack are folic, ginger, piper longum, black pepper, tribulus terrestrius extract, velvet deer antler, zinc, pumpkin and stringing nettle. All these ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

ExtenZe comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and is offered at a price of $59.95. It is recommended though that you use it for at least three to four months to see results. The span of time with which you will use the product makes it lag behind VigRx Plus and MaleExtra. Just the same, you will surely notice that it is worth the wait after all.

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